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Editing Sitemap for MSCRM 2011 with Visual Studio 2010

The easiest way to edit Sitemap is to use Visual Studio 2010 with xml schema validation. This way you can use IntelliSense, which makes working with Sitemap so much easier.

  1. Just open unzip the customization file and open customizations.xml with Visual Studio 2010.
  2. Then click on menu XML > Schemas.
  3. This will open xml schemas list used by Visual Studio 2010.
  4. Just click on Add… button to add MSCRM 2011 schema located on <SDK Folder>\sdk\schemas\customizationssolution.xsd
  5. Enjoy…

Showing Groups on Area

To show groups on Area, add ShowGroups=”true” attribute.

<Area Id="NewArea" ShowGroups="true" Icon="/_imgs/workplace_24x24.gif">
  <Group Id="CBS_Club">
      <Title LCID="1033" Title="CBS Club"/>
    <SubArea ... />


Cheers – Sy


2 thoughts on “Editing Sitemap for MSCRM 2011 with Visual Studio 2010

  1. This is a helpful post. The nuances between sitemap editing in v 4.0 and v. 2011 are just enough to make you a bit crazy.

    Question: Is it possible to have a collapsible SUBAREA node (with behavior similar to the GROUP nodes) in the sitemap? if so, how is that set up?

  2. Hi Rusty,

    Thanks for the comment.

    Regarding your question, the purpose of GROUP node is just to make the menus a little bit easier to navigate by grouping individual menu items (subarea nodes).

    AFAIK, what you want to do is not possible by editing sitemap.

    Cheers – Sy

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