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CRM 2011: Insert Image to Email

This will work with CRM Email Template or workflow Send Email functionality.

The thing to keep in mind is that the images are not really ‘inserted’ into the email, CRM only inserts the link to that image on the web. Therefore you have to make sure that the image is available on a public website to display properly.

To insert image into CRM Email Template or workflow Send Email functionality:

      1. Open the image in a browser (I only tried Internet Explorer), this image can be in a web page or a direct link.
      2. Right click and ‘Copy’ the image.
      3. Open your CRM Email template or the Send Email workflow and ‘Ctrl-V’ to paste the image in.
      4. Move the image to your desired place, you can even resize the image, however it does not stretch very well.

A shout out to a great post by Stephen V Noe, read more here.

Cheers – Sy


2 thoughts on “CRM 2011: Insert Image to Email

  1. It doesn’t work !! Though we can paste the image. After save and close if you again open it , you cannot see the image but only text

    1. Hi Nikhil, the image needs to be available on a public website. Failure to load the image is potentially caused by faulty link or network. If you give me the link to the image, I can try it on my environment to see if the same issue is happening.
      Cheers – Sy

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