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CRM: Send Email to Team

Today I came across this problem that I had always assumed possible especially when Team entity has Email field.

So here’s the deal. CRM does NOT support sending email to Team out of the box. CRM only supports sending emails to Account, Contact, Lead, Queue and User out of the box.

Lets talk about how to get around this first. Instead of sending the email to the Team or Owner which can be a Team, we will send the email to the Team’s default Queue. The email information should be with the Queue and not the Team record.

At the beginning, I was rather disappointed on the contradiction. Why does Email field exist for Team entity but sending email to Team is unsupported?
But after a quick google here and there, I think the reason is the ambiguity of the term ‘send email to a team’. Do you send email to a group with its own group email? Or do you send emails to the members of the group?
At this point, it makes sense to use the Queue instead. The email address of the queue can be a distribution list address so that those in the distribution list will get the email too.

But what about the email field on the Team entity you ask? Well, what about our appendix?

Cheers – Sy


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