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CRM 2011: Run Workflow User Context

I have never thought much about which user context a workflow is running under until today when I was asked to hide the ‘Process’ menu across the entire CRM Organisation. So I did a quick google and what I found is quite interesting.

Workflow Trigger types
CRM workflow can only be triggered on a record, it cannot be run as a standalone process.
– Automatic -> runs automatically based on the configured trigger(s). Eg. When record is created; or a certain field changed; or record is assigned.
– On Demand -> runs when a user triggers it manually.
– Child Process -> runs when another workflow triggers a child workflow as part of its execution path.

Workflow Triggering User
– Automatic -> runs on its Owner user context, it will have all the privileges the owner has.
– On Demand -> runs on the triggering user context.
– Child Process -> runs on its parent user context.

Automatic Workflow Scope
Workflow scope determines the scope where the workflow will be triggered.
– Organization -> will always be triggered
– Parent: Child Business Units -> will be triggered for users in Owner’s business unit or in Owner’s child business unit.
– Business Unit -> will be triggered for users in Owner’s business unit.
– User -> will be triggered only for the Owner.

Automatic Workflow Execution User Context
So the thing to keep in mind here is that workflow will run under its Owner context, not under the user whose action triggered the workflow.
Therefore, one needs to be careful when assigning the workflow owner as it will affect ownership of new records, from whom emails get sent, etc.

Shout out to great posts by:
– Richard Knudson (Security for CRM 2011 Automatic Processes)
– Gonzalo Ruiz (Processes/Workflow ownership FAQs)

Cheers – Sy


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