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CRM 2011: Offline Filters Template Simplified

One of the most confusing things in CRM is Offline Filters. In this post, I hope to simplify this complex issue by sharing my findings from working with Offline Filters and Templates recently.

Offline Filters are important performance tool as it limits the data being synchronised to offline database.

Outlook Filters and Offline Filters
Outlook Filters are synchronisation filters to Microsoft Outlook folders such as Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and so on.
Offline Filters are synchronisation filters for offline database which includes all entities with offline capability enabled.

System Filters and User Filters
System Filters are setup by administrators and applies to all users.
User Filters are maintained by individual users, this could vary for every user as they modify to suit their needs.

Filter Templates
Defines a filter template applied to new users for synchronisation. You can set a template as a Default Filter. There can only be one default filter template. When you enable offline capability of an entity, a default filter template is created automatically.
New users and resetting user filters will use these default filters to instantiate new user filters.

CRM 2011 Ldg Manager
Using this tool, we can create a System View which we can deploy as default offline filter template.

Deploy System View as Default Offline Filter Template using CRM 2011 Ldg Manager and CRM Workflow
– Retrieve View
– Deploy System View
Set System View Query Type to OfflineTemplate; View Definition from Retrieve View step above.
– Set Filter Template Default

Reset User Filters using CRM 2011 Ldg Manager and CRM Workflow
After Default Offline Filter Templates are deployed, run a Reset User Filters workflow on all users or manually reset filters from CRM for Outlook.

Deploy User View, Reset User Filters, Instantiate Filter
I got rather confused with these three actions. To simplify, use Reset User Filters, it does it all.

Shout out to great post and tool:
CRM 2011 – Offline and Outlook Filters and Templates: Local Data Groups
Offline and Outlook Filters and Templates
CRM 2011 Views and Filters Toolkit

Cheers – Sy


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