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Resco Mobile CRM: Auto Sync Configuration

Recently I have been working with Resco Mobile CRM Application which I found to be very good, and has massive numbers of great features.

One of the requirements is that the application needs to be able to automatically push and pull new data. Users do not want to worry about synchronizing data. Resco Mobile CRM does this, although the configuration is not quite as straightforward because of one configuration (Require Sync Login must be false).

Here is how to configure Auto Sync (Periodically):
1. Open the Mobile Project
2. Go to Configuration > Network
3. Set Auto Sync (OnStart, OnChange, or OnStartAndChange) – I set this to OnStartAndChange, this will make sure the data is updated when the app is opened (OnStart) and all changes by user are synchronized immediately (OnChange).
4. Set Auto Sync Delay (x seconds between each sync) – This sets the number of seconds between each sync (even though user does not make any changes), this ensures new data from the server is brought down to the app.
5. Set Require Sync Login to False – This is required to be false for Auto Sync.




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