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CRM 2016: Default/Select Custom View on Application Navigation

It is very common for one entity to be used in more than one part of the business, and hence in more than one Area or Group of Application Navigation.

To improve the user experience when working in different record scope of the same entity, we can configure the navigation item to open a custom view instead of default one. Dynamics CRM allows this using URL Addressable View (there is also URL Addressable Form, Dialog, and Report, but that is for another post).

To do this:
1. First obtain the GUID of the view (I use the F11 trick on IE and copy the actual GUID off address bar)
2. Use the following Url pattern for the SubArea for the entity

Url=“/_root/homepage.aspx?etn=<entity logical name >&amp;viewid=%7b<GUID value of view id>%7d”

For more information on URL Addressable Forms, Views, Dialogs and Reports, read the MSDN article.



2 thoughts on “CRM 2016: Default/Select Custom View on Application Navigation

  1. Hi,
    I have used above code to navigate different views of same entity from sitemap navigation. I have contact entity which have two views. But when I am navigating through both links it is opening the same default view. I am copying the line which I am using to navigate my custom view.

    Kindly guide me if I am doing anything wrong.

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