Deploying Adxstudio Website Data

Overview There are two parts of deploying Adxstudio portal; one is deploying the website to its host (unless you’re using hosted model), and the other is deploying website data to CRM. In this blog, we’ll be discussing about the deploying website data. What data? There are a number of entities and relationships that define a… Continue reading Deploying Adxstudio Website Data

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Adxstudio 7: Automate Deployment

Automating Adxstudio Portal deployment can be tricky at times. Here is how I did it: Portal Site Some ways to do automate deployment: 1. TFS Online Azure RM Build Task 2. Web Deploy with batch file or PowerShell Portal Site Definition data (CRM records) There are two widely known ways to do this: 1. WebsiteCopy… Continue reading Adxstudio 7: Automate Deployment

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Adxstudio 7: CSS WebFile is not loaded

I’ve added a new CSS as a webfile for my Adxstudio portal site. The webfile is accessible from the portal, however it did not behave like CSS (more like a text file). The issue being MIME type on the WebFile record Attachment (Note/Annotation) is not set correctly. I set it to CSS, and voila, all… Continue reading Adxstudio 7: CSS WebFile is not loaded

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Adxstudio: Deleting Website

There are a few things to note when deleting an Adxstudio website: 1. Remove dependencies Unfortunately the way relationships work and being configured normally prevents Parental Cascade to work when deleting Adxstudio website, to ensure smooth deletion please remove the following prior to: – Web Role – Website Access Permisssion 2. Delete website After dependencies… Continue reading Adxstudio: Deleting Website