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Adxstudio 7: Date Only or Timezone Independent issue workaround for DateTime Picker

The DateTime picker for Adxstudio 7 doesn’t handle Date Only or Timezone Independent field very well. A workaround that I used with good success is to http redirect in web.config to redirect xrm-adx/js/crmentityformview-datetime.js to a fixed copy of the script. Cheers, Sy Advertisements

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Adxstudio 7: Automate Deployment

Automating Adxstudio Portal deployment can be tricky at times. Here is how I did it: Portal Site Some ways to do automate deployment: 1. TFS Online Azure RM Build Task 2. Web Deploy with batch file or PowerShell Portal Site Definition data (CRM records) There are two widely known ways to do this: 1. WebsiteCopy… Continue reading Adxstudio 7: Automate Deployment

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Adxstudio 7: CSS WebFile is not loaded

I’ve added a new CSS as a webfile for my Adxstudio portal site. The webfile is accessible from the portal, however it did not behave like CSS (more like a text file). The issue being MIME type on the WebFile record Attachment (Note/Annotation) is not set correctly. I set it to CSS, and voila, all… Continue reading Adxstudio 7: CSS WebFile is not loaded

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Adxstudio: Deleting Website

There are a few things to note when deleting an Adxstudio website: 1. Remove dependencies Unfortunately the way relationships work and being configured normally prevents Parental Cascade to work when deleting Adxstudio website, to ensure smooth deletion please remove the following prior to: – Web Role – Website Access Permisssion 2. Delete website After dependencies… Continue reading Adxstudio: Deleting Website