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Adxstudio 7: Automate Deployment

Automating Adxstudio Portal deployment can be tricky at times. Here is how I did it: Portal Site Some ways to do automate deployment: 1. TFS Online Azure RM Build Task 2. Web Deploy with batch file or PowerShell Portal Site Definition data (CRM records) There are two widely known ways to do this: 1. WebsiteCopy… Continue reading Adxstudio 7: Automate Deployment

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CRM 2016: Use PowerShell to run Package Deployer

Package Deployer is a great tool to deploy your Dynamics CRM solutions. However, it normally requires human to operate the tool and seldom automated. Here is how to automate the deploy process using PowerShell. Step 1 – Register XRM Tooling First step is to install XRM Tooling SnapIn. Follow this article Use PowerShell cmdlets for… Continue reading CRM 2016: Use PowerShell to run Package Deployer